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Divorce tips

August 6, 2010

  • Getting Divorced in Nevada

    You might not have guessed, but the state with the highest divorce rate is Nevada. This is not entirely because Nevadans are bad at handling issues that arise in their marriage; the reason the divorce rate in Nevada is so high is because many people establish temporary residency to take advantage of their lax divorce [...]

October 8, 2008

  • How To get Divorced And Not Lose Everything

    Going through a divorce is extremely stressful and can cause much anxiety. Especially as a man, the odds are against you when dealing with finances and your children. When the idea of divorce first comes up, you will want to start planning and getting all financial records in order as well as anything else that [...]

October 1, 2008

  • Preparing For Divorce

    It is a known fact that about fifty percent of marriages end up in divorce and the overwhelming majority of these divorces are initiated by women. The court favors most women because they are seen as victims, but by properly preparing for a divorce, you can actually succeed.

    The first step in preparing for a divorce [...]

  • How to Win a Divorce Settlement

    While going through a divorce, not only are men faced with the problems of their ending marriage, but they also have to deal with the stress of winning the divorce settlement and getting what they want out of it. It can be very difficult to come to an agreement that both you and your wife [...]

September 17, 2008

  • Divorce Tips For Men - Dealing With Lawyers

    There are many things you will have to deal with when you are getting divorced.  Plus there are many people who you will have to work with if you want your life to move on.  The kinds of people you may find yourself having to deal with are lawyers (your own and your spouse’s), a [...]

September 8, 2008

  • How to protect Your Finances During Your Divorce

    Going through a divorce is not only a very traumatic experience but can prove to be a very costly one as well.  In fact because of the stresses and worries of getting everything sorted many people don’t realize just what a strain divorce proceedings can place on their credit rating.  Although the courts may have [...]

June 3, 2008

  • Divorce Strategies for Men

    No man ever really thinks that the day will come when he has to file for divorce. Maybe it just snuck up on you and you didn’t see it coming, or maybe you saw it coming over a span of weeks or months, maybe even years. Divorce is a difficult thing to go through for [...]

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