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How Long After Divorce Until You’re Ready To Date?

Dating after a divorce can be a tricky subject. Even if you got married and divorced in a matter of just a couple of years, that’s still a couple of years since you last dated anyone. For most people though, it’s probably more like several years, perhaps even decades. There can be a temptation to rush into the dating world after a divorce to fill that void you’ve been missing for quite some time. And being that your marriage ended in divorce, it’s probably been a very long while since you’ve felt that magic spark of what it’s like to have fun, exciting, new feelings for another woman.

While it’s understandable that you’d want to rush into dating again, it’s also very advisable to approach the matter with great caution. Here’s why: depending on the severity of the circumstances that led to your divorce, chances are some, or even most women you encounter in the dating world will seem like the best catch on Earth. This is a very dangerous mentality in which to date. The reason it’s dangerous is that it makes you more likely to settle for whatever you can get since you haven’t given yourself enough time to establish standards and ideals that must be met.

Now, the girls you’re going out with won’t seem like “whatever you can get”. They’ll seem awesome. And it’s possible they are awesome, the trouble is, without giving yourself some personal space and time to heal from your divorce, you really can’t be too sure if the women you’re dating truly are great catches or if they just seem like great catches in contrast with your ex-wife.

Many men sabotage themselves following a divorce by rushing right into another serious relationship in order to fill a void with a woman who isn’t right for them. The best gift you can give to yourself following a divorce is to take some “me” time. Don’t worry about women. Don’t worry about getting into a new relationship. In fact, boycott all women for a few months. Spend that time doing things you want to do. Get back in shape. Take a trip with a couple buddies. Start on that new project you always wanted to do but never had enough time. One of the upsides to getting divorced is that all of that time you spent maintaining your relationship with your wife is now free time. Take on a new hobby. Read some books. Sit back and relax for once. Once you begin to regain your personal identity, the identity you had before you ever met your ex-wife, then you can start to consider dating again.

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