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How to protect Your Finances During Your Divorce

Going through a divorce is not only a very traumatic experience but can prove to be a very costly one as well.  In fact because of the stresses and worries of getting everything sorted many people don’t realize just what a strain divorce proceedings can place on their credit rating.  Although the courts may have said that your partner is to continue paying a debt that is outstanding the lender may decide that it is you that is liable and not them.

Below we offer some divorce tips for men – protect your finances during divorce proceedings and so you will not be faced with the added worry of not having enough funds to live on yourself.

1.     If there are any debts which are in both parties’ names then these should be immediately paid and cleared.  If you are unable to pay off the joint debts immediately ask for the accounts to be frozen by the lender so that no more debt can be run up by either of you on them.

2.     If there are joint credit cards then these should immediately be cancelled and each person should arrange to get cards in their own names instead.  However, if you happen to be just a named user on your spouse’s card then ask for your name to be removed from it.  Sometimes the divorce can be a little less acrimonious and your spouse may decide to take revenge on you by running up some very large bills on the credit card and for which you will then be liable.

3.    Unless you have already agreed for the sake of the children that your spouse will remain in the family home then it is best if it can be sold.   In most cases where children are concerned the wife will be provided with the opportunity to stay in the family home as long as she is willing to take on the mortgage payments if able to or if you are willing to continue making the payments for her until the children are old enough to leave home.   However, if your spouse is unable to arrange a new mortgage then the only sensible option is to sell the property and then divide the proceeds between you.

4.    If you have any vehicles then each one should be registered in the name of the person that will be using that vehicle.  Also if there are any payments to be made on these vehicles then arrangements should be made for the person who the vehicle is registered to, to make them.

5.    Should you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to make payments through illness or loss of work whilst the proceedings are taking place, immediately contact the creditors.  This way you can work out an arrangement to make payments when able to and so prevent you from ending up with a bad credit rating.

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